To access the Users View, click Users icon. in the menu. Here you can view a list of all the users in your account.

Users grid view. The grid shows each user's last name, first name, email address, status, position, and some engagement analytics (number of assigned Mastery Profiles, engagement in last 7 days, engagement in last 30 days, and average mastery level). Above the grid is a search field. In the top-right corner is a +User button.

ProTip: If users are not appearing in the grid, confirm whether the account status filter is set to show or hide inactive items.

You can contact our Support Team to customize the attributes that are displayed on your Users grid and the order in which they appear.

Watch this video to learn more about user management in OttoLearn.


Search for any user by a specific attribute, or use our Omni Search to searches through all text fields at once.

ProTip: Click the "X" to the right of the search box to clear your search.


Change the sort order by clicking on a column heading.


Close up of four engagement analytics in Users grid view. The four columns are number of assigned Mastery Profiles (2), engagement in last 7 days (5), engagement in last 30 days (7), and average mastery level (0.75).

The grid displays four engagement analytics for each user: 

  • Profiles: Number of assigned Mastery Profiles (active)
  • 7d Eng (7 day engagement): Number of Activities completed in the past 7 days (in active or inactive Mastery Profiles)
  • 30d Eng (30 day engagement): Number of Activities completed in the past 30 days (in active or inactive Mastery Profiles)
  • Avg. ML (average mastery level): Average mastery level across all Mastery Profiles (only includes active Profiles that the learner has engaged with at least once)

Adding a User

Click the + User button to add a new user. Required attributes are indicated by the word "required" in the attribute name.

If you have a Growth or Enterprise-level account, you can contact us at to add or rename your user attributes.

Batch Actions

The first column is the batch action checkbox. You can select one or more row and then perform an action on the selected rows.

Currently, the only batch action is changing user status.