By default, when learners log in to the learner app they will be presented the Welcome Screen and our default welcome video. 

You can customize this welcome message, or disable it altogether, in your Branding settings.  

To customize the default welcome video, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the source PowerPoint file.
  2. Make your desired adjustments. 
  3. Export the file as an MP4.

PowerPoint Export screen with Create a Video option selected.

  1. Navigate to the Welcome Screen section in your Branding settings.
  2. Upload or embed your new video.

Welcome Screen section of branding settings page. Two checkboxes appear. The first reads "show welcome screen when learners log in". The second reads "customize welcome screen". Below the two checkboxes is an area for adding content. The WYSIWYG editor is open and boxes highlight the two video options - upload and embed from YouTube.