A Mastery Profile is how you specify the user's required learning.

The Assign Mastery Profiles tab of the user context panel for a user named Robin Atkins. In the tab, there is a message at the top that reads: "Select all Mastery Profiles you would like to be associated with this user." Several Mastery Profiles are listed below, each with a toggle on the right side. Some toggles are on (Mastery Profile assigned) and some are off.

Enabling a Mastery Profile

If you are enabling a Mastery Profile for a user:

  • It will be immediately considered when Activities are selected for Mastery Moments 
  • It will be immediately available to the user on their learner app, with ability to view Knowledge Cards and complete Mini Moments 

Note: Only active content will display to learners. Content levels that do not include active Activities will not appear in Mastery Moments.

Disabling a Mastery Profile 

If you disable a Mastery Profile for a user:

  • It will no longer be visible to the user
  • The user will no longer receive Activities from it
  • All of the user's mastery history will be retained
You may re-enable a Mastery Profile at any time.