Skip commenting on accuracy and repeating the question and answer text. For example, you don’t need to include phrases like “that’s incorrect” or “not quite” in your feedback. Being correct isn’t just about accuracy, it’s also about proficiency. The OttoLearn system will consider this in the feedback it provides. 

When a learner answers an Activity, they are shown if they were right or wrong and can see the question, answers, and their proficiency.

Activity feedback being displayed to a learner in the learner app. The question appears at the top of the screen, followed by the answer, feedback, a graphic showing proficiency level, and a graphic showing the change in mastery level. In this case, the learner moved from mastery level 1 to 2. Near the bottom of the page are the learner's acheivements. In this case, the learner mastered the Phishing Topic. There is a Show button to view more details and a Continue button to go to the next Activity.