OttoLearn will automatically provide feedback immediately after a learner answers an Activity.

Feedback is important for several reasons: 

  • It provides the correct answer 
  • It explains why an answer was wrong (if a wrong answer was chosen)
  • It provides additional details
  • It reinforces learners’ knowledge (if the correct answer was chosen)

Every Activity should include feedback, as feedback is the key to delivering your content to learners. Even if a learner answers correctly, feedback can be used as an opportunity to reinforce their knowledge and provide additional details.

Good feedback can have a major impact on the overall learning process and improve future performance. Every time a learner can use feedback to understand why they were incorrect, they are more likely to read future feedback. If they find the feedback to be useless, they will quit reading it and lose motivation. Every time you provide feedback, you are increasing or decreasing the odds that learners will consume feedback in the future.