An engagement schedule outlines when and how often a user should be prompted to take a Mastery Moment. Schedules2-5Wk.PNG

Open or Restricted Engagement Schedule 

Each account has a default engagement schedule of "Anytime" which means users will not receive prompt notifications and will always be able to take a Mastery Moment from the main screen.

Another option is to create an engagement schedule where users receive notifications during a set period of time—for example, between 9:00am-5:00pm on Monday through Friday—but can access their training outside of that schedule as well. Both of these are examples of an open engagement schedule.

Conversely, you can set up a restricted engagement schedule if you prefer learners only complete their training during set periods of time. For example, you may set up a restricted schedule if you only want learners to complete their training during business hours. Learners with a restricted schedule will not be able to practice outside of the specified times. 

Setting a Schedule

Closed engagement schedules will have specified start and end times for each day of the week, as well as a frequency for the number of prompted Mastery Moments that should be completed.

  • Required represents the minimum number of mastery moments users will be prompted to complete during the specified period.
  • Desired represents the maximum number of moments users may be prompted to complete, if there is value in doing more than the required amount.

Assigning a Schedule

You can select an engagement schedule from the dropdown to see the details of that schedule, and then save the tab to assign the selected schedule to the user.

Engagement schedules currently cannot be created or edited from within the app, so please contact if you require any changes.


If you enable Allow Notifications on the user's Attributes tab, they will receive an email notification when it is time to complete a mastery moment.

Time Zones

Engagement schedules are based on the user's local time, according to their timezone. For example, if you set a schedule for one prompt a day between 9:00am-5:00pm on Monday through Friday, this schedule will be according to the user's timezone.