An engagement schedule outlines when and how often a user should be prompted to take a mastery moment. Schedules2-5Wk.PNG

You'll likely want to create a few different engagement schedules, depending on your different cohorts of learners. 

For example, you may want learners to complete their training only during work hours. If some of your users work nights, and others work days, you will need to set up a separate schedule for each group. 

Beyond this, you may want new hires to be prompted to do more mastery moments than employees who have been with your company for years. Therefore, you may set up a variation of each schedule (day shift and night shift) for new hires. 

Creating an Engagement Schedule

Determine if, when, and how often you want your learners to be prompted to do a mastery moment.  

Editing an Engagement Schedule

Make changes to your engagement schedule(s). 

Assigning a Schedule

You can select an engagement schedule from the dropdown to see the details of that schedule, and then click Save to assign the selected schedule to the user.


If you enable Allow Notifications on the user's Attributes tab, they will receive an email notification when it is time to complete a mastery moment.

Notifications are sent based on the learner's engagement schedule, their current mastery level, and their required/desired settings. The system may prompt the user "up to" the desired setting.

For example, suppose a learner's Required/Up To settings are set to 0/3. OttoLearn will only prompt the learner on days where they need to practice to keep their mastery above their mastery goal, up to a maximum of 3 mastery moments per day.

Time Zones

Engagement schedules are based on the user's local time, according to their timezone. For example, if you set a schedule for one prompt a day between 9:00am-5:00pm on Monday through Friday, this schedule will be according to the user's timezone.