Within OttoLearn, you can add media assets to your Activities in the form of images, videos, or audio.

Media assets can be used to:

  • Explain complex concepts
  • Identify something (for example, the location of a button, a hazard symbol)
  • Include demonstrations
  • Reduce the amount of time spent reading

Media assets should be purposeful—don’t use them unless they add instructional value. Excess media assets actually have a negative impact on learning, taking up learners’ limited cognitive resources. 

For example, if you write some feedback explaining how to properly set up a back-to-school promotional display, there is benefit in including a supplementary image showing how the display should look; there isn’t much benefit in including a stock image of a school.

Sample Scenario

Harold is teaching his learners how to check the forklift’s battery level. 

He creates an Activity asking learners the following question:

Where can you see how much charge is left in the forklift?

In the feedback, he wants to include an image of the charge indicator. Which image should he choose? 

Two images. The image on the left shows a close up of the charge indicator. The image on the right shows the charge indicator on the right side of the forklift dashboard, below the row of warning buttons at the top of the dashboard.

He decides to go with the image on the right. 

There is little benefit in including the image on the left, because it doesn’t provide any context. The image on the right is much better because it shows where the charge indicator is located in proximity to everything else on the instrument panel.