Every time learners answer an Activity, they are placing a bet on their knowledge. If they’re right, they’ll probably spend very little time reading the feedback; however, if they’re wrong, they are much more likely to read the feedback because they'll want to know what the correct answer is and WHY.

When feedback doesn’t provide a succinct and thorough explanation of why, learners become frustrated and discouraged. Feedback has to be fulfilling.

Imagine you were presented the following question: 

Can full-time employees work overtime?

What feedback would you prefer? 

Full-time employees can work overtime.


Full-time employees can work up to 10 hours of overtime per week, with approval from their manager. These hours are paid out at 1.5 times the employee’s base wage. 

Effective feedback has the following qualities: 

  • Immediately follows each Activity
  • Includes meaningful media assets
  • Follows language best practices 
  • Follows content best practices
  • Is general or specific 
ProTip: You can use our Planning Template to draft your feedback before adding it in OttoLearn.