This tab shows a user's information, such as their name, email address, phone number, display language, and timezone. It also includes information on when the user was created and last edited. 

Note: Your attributes may have different labels than the ones described here. If you have a Group or Enterprise plan, you can contact us at to customize your attributes.

The user context panel for a user named Robin Atkins. There are several tabs along the top of the context panel. The first tab, Attributes, is displayed. Within this tab are the following text fields: ID, last name, first name, email address, and username. Below this is a send notifications checkbox, a send weekly engagement email checkbox, a status toggle (active or inactive), and an admin checkbox. Below this is a text field for phone number. At the bottom of the context panel there is a Save button and a Cancel button.

Data on this tab is displayed in a read-only format to begin with; clicking Edit button.  in the upper right of the tab will switch to an editing view where the data can be modified.

Required attributes are indicated by the word "required" in the attribute name.

The following icons may appear beside some attributes: 

Key icon. Identifies an attribute that learners will use to log in.
Lock icon. Identifies an attribute that cannot be changed (such as the Created Date and ID attributes).

Since phone numbers can be used for issuing SMS notifications, they must be entered in the E.164 international notation format, including the initial + sign.

No other symbols or spaces are accepted. In general the pattern is:

+[Country Code][Area Code][Phone Number]

A North American phone number would look like: +12045551234