Users can be created and managed from the Users View

Click +User to create a new user. This will open the User context panel.

Users grid view with the context panel for a user (James) opened.

ProTip: Click the pin icon to dock the user panel.

Enter the user's information, such as:

  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Email Address
  • Employee ID
  • Password
  • etc. 

Attribute names and required information may vary from account to account. Required attributes are indicated by the word "required" in the attribute name.

A key icon will appear beside the attributes that learners will use to log in. 

Close up of Username field. A key icon appears beside the text in the field (in this case,

If you have a Growth or Enterprise-level account, you can contact our Support Team to rename your user attributes.

You can also contact us to perform a bulk import of your users. 

Viewing/Editing a User

To view a user, select their name from the Users View.

This will open the User context panel where you can view/edit the following: 


Set the user's attributes.


Change the user's password (no email will be generated).

Engagement Schedule

Set the engagement schedule to a specific number of prompts per day, or select Anytime for no fixed schedule. If users don't have a fixed schedule, they will be able to perform Mastery Moments whenever they wish.

ProTip: If you want a user to receive notifications, open the Attributes tab and select Allow Notifications.

Mastery Profiles

Enable or disable Mastery Profiles for the user.

Engagement Report

View the user's usage history for the selected period (week, month, or year).

Mastery Summary

Drill down through a user's Mastery Profiles and view their current Mastery and progress.