When writing your questions, distractors, or answer feedback, write simply and personably; don't use a long word when a short one works just as well. Be friendly and use language and jargon that is appropriate for your learners. Either introduce learners to new terms gradually (using scaffolding), or only use terms you are confident they will understand.

Which of the following sounds better to you?

What is the correct sequence of operations when turning on the forklift?


What are the right steps for turning on the forklift?

What about these two questions?

What is a good precaution to avoid injuring yourself when using the forklift?


How can you prevent injury when using the forklift?

What feedback sounds better to you?

Before turning on the forklift, be sure to check that all of your mirrors are positioned correctly, that your seat is adjusted appropriately, and that there are no hazards in the area surrounding the vehicle.


Before turning on the forklift, check your mirrors, adjust your seat, and confirm the surrounding area is clear.