Within OttoLearn, you can add media assets to your Activities in the form of images, videos, or audio. 

Media assets can be used to:

  • explain complex concepts
  • keep your learners engaged
  • include demonstrations
  • reduce the amount of time spent reading

For example, if you create an Activity asking learners to identify different footwear styles, there is benefit in including a supplementary image showing each style.

Include Media Assets With a Purpose

Ignore anyone who says training content needs images, videos, audio, or any other media assets for learners to learn (remember, the conventional concept of learning styles is a myth!). You don’t always need to include media assets in your Activities.

Media Assets should be purposeful and used only where they will add instructional value. Excess media assets actually have a negative impact on learning, taking up learners’ limited cognitive resources. 

For example, imagine you are delivering training on how to use the cash register. You create an Activity asking learners what button to press to reprint the receipt. There is little benefit in showing an image of a receipt…

...but there is benefit in showing an image of the cash register with an arrow indicating where to find the button. 

Ensure Your Media Assets are Accessible  

Remember to always consider the accessibility of your content. This is especially important when adding media assets. 

For example, include alternative text for each image, to ensure that learners using screen readers can also benefit from that content. When adding a video, be sure that you include closed captioning. When adding audio, provide the narrated information somewhere where it can be read. 

Sample Scenario

Janet is teaching her learners how to identify hazards in the workplace. She creates the following Activity to practice identifying the flammable hazard symbol. 

Which of the following symbols indicates that an item is flammable?

Feedback: Flammable items are indicated by the following symbol: 

Be sure to keep flammable items away from heat or open flames.  

Janet includes images in this Activity because on the job learners will need to identify hazards by looking at symbols, not words.

To ensure all of her users can access this content, she adds alternative text describing each image. For example, for this symbolshe adds the following alt text: “flame with solid line beneath it”