Mastery Profiles are the highest-level component in OttoLearn’s content hierarchy. Unlike other levels, they are not visible to learners. 

Instead, Mastery Profiles are used to assign training to learners and often represent job profiles, such as customer service representative, manager, or pilot tester. 

Mastery Profiles contain Modules, each with a set mastery goal — the level of knowledge learners must demonstrate to achieve mastery

Diagram showing a Mastery Profile. Within it are two Modules: Module A and Module B. Module A has a mastery goal of Level 2: Aware. Module B has a mastery goal of Level 4: Proficient.

You may want to assign multiple Mastery Profiles to learners who have more than one role. For example, you can assign a warehouse worker who belongs to the safety committee the Employee and Safety Mastery Profiles.

Sample Scenario

The Fina Shoes company has just purchased a fleet of delivery trucks and hired a team of drivers. James, the training manager, creates a Mastery Profile for this new job, called Delivery Drivers. 

Within the Delivery Drivers Mastery Profile, he adds the Road Safety Module, with a mastery goal of Level 5: Expert. In the future, he can add additional Modules to the Profile and, when he does, all learners with the Delivery Driver Mastery Profile will automatically start receiving this content.