Power BI is a third-party analytics application that can be used to create powerful, truly customizable reports with your OttoLearn data. Power BI is a great supplement to OttoLearn's built-in analytics. 

Image showing several graphs in Power BI, including bar charts and a map showing information by location. Some numerical stats are also shown.

You can do so much using Power BI, including: 

  • Demonstrate the ROI (return on investment) of your training to stakeholders
  • View your learners’ current level of knowledge and progress towards mastery
  • Track your learners’ engagement and identify which learners may need extra prompting
  • Determine where you content is working and where it can be improved 

Your analytics are automatically updated every day between 8:00-9:00PM (CST).

Although Power BI is currently a separate application, it will eventually be fully integrated into the OttoLearn system. 

If you are interested in using Power BI, please contact our Support Team for more details.