Using our feedback feature, learners can provide suggestions, ask questions, and report errors in their training.

GIF showing a learner doing an Activity in the learner app. After choosing an answer option and selecting their confidence they are presented feedback. From that screen they click the Feedback icon in the header of the page.

If feedback is enabled in your account, learners will be able to click Feedback icon.  to provide feedback. This icon appears in the following locations:

  • Home page 
  • Any drilled in page 
  • Activity feedback page
  • All Knowledge Cards
  • Post-mastery moment page  

Feedback will be emailed to specific contacts. You can control who should receive feedback in your account settings.

The email that is sent when a learner submits feedback. This email includes the feedback, learner information (name, user ID, language), feedback context (the location of the item where feedback was provided), and device information (browser, OS, viewport dimensions). The organization logo appears at the bottom of the email.

This email will automatically include relevant browser details and information about where the feedback was submitted (ex: a specific Activity) to make the process as quick and easy as possible for learners. 

To reply to a learner's feedback, click Reply in your email application. As long as the user who submitted the feedback has an email associated with them, and notifications enabled, they will receive your response. If the user has multiple emails associated with them, the system will send your response to the first one it finds.